Coffee Tree is a family-owned micro-roastery and cafe that is dedicated to fresh, rich and great-tasting coffee.

Our unique small-batch roasting approach and blending is exclusive to our cafe. When you find yourself craving for freshly roasted coffee, come drop by and see why we have earned the support of many loyal customers. If you are a retailer or business owner, you may also be interested to know that our wholesale programs may be suitable for your cafe, fine restaurant or office.

Our cafe offers a wide, selected variety of specialty grade coffee that is roasted in-house so that we may pass on the coffee's highest potential to you.

Coffee Tree is devoted to providing the enjoyment of well-crafted coffee. Besides classic and contemporary espresso-based beverages, you will also enjoy traditional brewed coffee from our choice selection of coffee beans. Dripped, french pressed, or syphon: we grind after we receive your order. Besides our commitment to serving great coffee, we also offer alternative quality beverages and fresh home-made food made daily in the premises. Whether you will be spending the next few hours working or relaxing, you can come in and feel right at home.

Are you looking to raise your coffee beverage program performance in your café, hotel or fine restaurant? Starting your own business?

Here’s how we can help through our Wholesale Program!

Exceptional coffee everytime!
Our unparalleled reputation in providing quality coffee beans and guaranteed freshness has propelled us to be one of the most sought after coffee wholesaler in the city (and neighboring cities).
Extensive training curriculum
You can count on us to provide you with a full hands-on training course that will enable you to learn everything you need to know. From the basics to the expert, we give you training that makes sense.
No nonsense contract
We realize that your success contributes in helping us focus on our goal of spreading the joy of splendid coffee. There is no minimum buy or contracts to sign. We let our product do the talking.
Equipments & other coffee-related stuffs
In addition to well-roasted fresh coffee beans, we also provide equipments and other coffee-related stuffs to make your operation a success. From espresso machines to a wide range of quality syrups, technical support and management advice — we are here for you.
Providing support that matters
There is no real support like the kind of support that really matters: when you need them. Our enthusiasm for your success is so strong that that’s why we will always be there whenever you need us.

Latest Coffee

From time to time, you may notice that we discontinue offering certain coffee beans and introduce new ones. This is due to many factors affecting the quality of the coffee beans such as seasonal changes. Or we may simply just find other interesting beans to try, and to share it with you.
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You may be interested in our...

Office Wholesale Program

Besides supporting wholesale need for your establishment, we have also developed an efficient yet affordable coffee solutions for your office. Coffee Tree can provide support to any workplace force from a team of 2 members to the hundreds. By taking advantage of our Office Wholesale Program, you and your staff members have access to affordable and enjoyable cup of coffee at the office. It is a rewarding way to promote productivity.

    Roasting & Private Labeling

    Another service that can be of invaluable benefit to you as a business owner to take advantage of is our Roasting & Rrivate Labeling program. We have been providing countless well-reputed restaurants, cafes and even businesses with delicious coffee that their clients and customers always come back for. One of the ways that we achieve this is through the application of private labeling. Private labeling gives your businesse an irreplaceable opportunity to expand your brand.

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